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Yayasan Pendidikan Malaysia

YAYASAN PENDIDIKAN MALAYSIA (No. Pendaftaran: PPAB-33/2013) merupakan yayasan yang ditubuhkan pada 31 Julai 2013 berdaftar di bawah Bahagian Hal Ehwal Undang-Undang, Jabatan Perdana Menteri (Akta P ... Read more

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Yayasan Pendidikan & Vokasional Wanita Malaysia (YPVWM)

YPVWM was established in 1999 as a non-profit organisation providing training opportunities on vocational and entrepreneurial skills to women and youths from the poor, low income and marginalised g ... Read more

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Yayasan Perpaduan Malaysia (F.K.A Yayasan 1Malaysia)

Yayasan 1 Malaysia is an independent, non-profit organisation established in July 2009. We are inter-ethnic bridge builders. We strive to achieve national unity. We week to enhance justice for all ... Read more

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Yayasan Prihatin Insan(formely known as Yayasan Prihatin Titiwangsa)

Yayasan Prihatin Insan works towards helping children and families overcome poverty by providing aid in the form of food, shelter and education for the needs. ... Read more

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Yayasan Salam Malaysia

WE, VOLUNTEERS OF SALAM, dedicated to achieving the goals of a civil society where every individual will have the opportunity to lead a life of dignity and fulfillment, hereby pledge: To uphold and ... Read more

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Yayasan Sang Kancil

Empower the children to improve them and motivate ... Read more

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Yayasan Sejahtera

Yayasan Sejahtera (Sejahtera) is an organisation working on poverty eradication and community development for poor and low-income households in Malaysia. With its four modules of Supporting Basic N ... Read more

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Uplift socioeconomic of Indian community through implementing social activities for Youth, Family & Neighborhood. We're conducting parenting programs for parents and their teens to strengthen the fami ... Read more

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Yayasan Suara Wanita

Yayasan Suara Wanita (Voice of Women Foundation) YASNITA is a non-profit organisation incorporated in 2006. Our mission is to champion the wellbeing of Women in Malaysia by elevating their role and ... Read more