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Tong Sim Senior Citizens Care Center

We are centre of housing senior citizens who have been abandoned by their families. ... Read more

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Tonibung is a Non Profit organisation promoting appropriate technologies for community sustainable development projects. We are a Community forestry project consultant, renewable energy (Hydro, Sol ... Read more

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Transparency International-Malaysia

Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) is an independent, non-governmental and non-partisan organisation committed to the fight against corruption. Founded in 1998, TI-M is registered with the Re ... Read more

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Trinity Community Children Home Society

TCC Home is a sanctuary for orphaned, abandoned, abused and neglected children. Most of them come from single parents. TCC Home provides care and hope of a new life for young children and those in the ... Read more

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Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

TCS strives to restore the depleted wild populations of turtles in Malaysia through research, conservation, education and public outreach programmes. ... Read more

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Ubuntu Malaysia

UBUNTU is an initiative seeking to promote public awareness on the lives of KL™s homeless through direct engagement with the community and to support the homeless in accessing essential servi ... Read more

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We are the society that help and encourage young generation in becoming Seafarer. ... Read more

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United Voice

United Voice is the first society led by persons with Learning Disabilities that is recognized by the Registrar of Societies in Malaysia. Our objectives is to advocate and to ensure that persons wi ... Read more

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Viva Starfish Project

Attention: Viva Starfish is a Social Enterprise. This operation is not registered as a non-governmental organization. ... Read more