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Digital Marketing 

About the Project

This project is important for GAPS as it will help us create and spread more awareness about Cerebral Palsy (CP) and the disabled community in Malaysia, improve our visibility through better engagement on our website and social media platforms, and increase funding for GAPS. These will then help us to attract ecosystem partners that are able to support us further in upscaling our programs through sustainable assistance to reach out and benefit more CP community members and open new avenues for our growth.

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Project Details

Project: GAPS Corporate Digitalisation

Task Description

We need help to create a campaign and train our staff for digital marketing purpose.

Task Duration

6-8 weeks


  • Discuss and understand needs / deliverables expected

  • Train staff towards digital marketing proficiency

  • Ideate and create a digital marketing campaign

Project Deliverables

We need help to create a campaign and train our staff for digital marketing purpose.

Impact Statement

This project will save us more than RM4,000.00 per month, and gain at least RM1,000.00 per month thus allowing us to redirect it to sponsor 2 children with CP to attend an education-therapy program every month

Our Available Resources

  • A running website with payment gateway
  • A branding guideline
  • Social media accounts (FB & IG) with 1,300 - 5,000 followers 
  • A support staff managing social media accounts and digital marketing
  • Knowledge on community management and FB Ads
  • Certified community manager

About The NGO

(1) Providing a platform of holistic support for individuals with cerebral palsy and their families

(2) Introducing the concept of conductive education for children and individuals with cerebral palsy

(3) Establishing a one stop centre for the intervention, education, rehabilitation, care and research and development for individuals with cerebral palsy

(4) Cooperating with other societies and organisations as well as the relevant bodies of authority to raise awareness and educate the public on issues relating to cerebral palsy in particular and people with disabilities in general as well as their respective families

(5) Organising educational and awareness programmes to empower individuals with cerebral palsy and their families

(6) Publishing, issuing and disseminating/distributing information aimed at awareness, education and useful information relating specifically to cerebral palsy and to other disabilities in general.

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