Interesting facts about Malaysia

by Darya Ebrahimi

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has a myriad of things to offer, from the diversified food to the beautiful amalgamations of cultures that are ever so present in this country. Here are a few interesting facts that not many may be aware of!


1. Malaysia declared its independence from the British Empire in 1957. Every year the country celebrates independence day with beautiful fireworks and parades commemorating this historic day. The streets are filled with descartes cars, royal inspections, flag raising and the recitation of the national anthem followed by cultural dances and performances. It truly is a cultural experience for those seeing it for the first time.


2. Malaysia is a diverse country, it is made up of many different ethnicities that live side by side peacefully. The majority of these ethnic groups fall within the Malays, Indians and Chinese. This contributes greatly to the different cultures tourists are able to experience from visiting Malaysia.


3. As for the Monarchy, it is quite a unique system. Every five years the the nine state rulers rotate and take turns being King of this Southeast asian country


4. Geographically, Malaysia is a combination of two different landmasses, Peninsular Malaysia and the Malaysian Borneo which is separated by the South China Sea.


5. Interestingly enough, Malaysia is home to the largest known cave chamber in the world. It is located in Sarawak in the Gunung Mulu National Park.


6. Malaysia is also the home to arguably the world's richest uncovered treasure trove from sunken ships that resides on the seafloor of Malacca. It was previously a portuguese ship named Flors de la mar that was making the journey home when it sank in December 1511.


7. Finally, there are four UNESCO-designated World Heritage Sites in Malaysia. This list is inclusive of Gunung Mulu National Park, Kinabalu Park, the historic city of Melaka and George Town and lastly the archaeological heritage site of the Lenggong Valley.