Malaysian Abused Animal Welfare And Rescue


Our vision as a society is to unite people of all creed and nation to speak up for the mistreatment of animals in Malaysia. Sadly we live in a world where those who do not have voices are ignored, persecuted and brutalized. Amidst the hundreds of human rights violations we see in the med...ia and in real life we also forget that our animal counterparts suffer the same if not worse. In Malaysia the push is for better law enforcement and the protection of animal rights and welfare. On a small scale there are rescuers who sacrifice their all to help within their humanistic capacity. But now the iceberg is at its tipping point and we need to look at the bigger picture. Together let™s create a platform for animal lovers and rescuers to be louder and stronger in our demand to protect all innocent beings. MAAWAR is an organization incorporated with the following goals: 1) promote TNR methods of stray animal population control; 2) advocate against animal abuse via education for cultural change; 3) create an avenue for members of the public to be involved in discourse about animal rights legislation and animal welfare implementation; 4) engage volunteers, donors and resourceful others to contribute to our upcoming shelter and animal rescue missions

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