Life Line Association Malaysia


Brief Introduction To Life Line Association Malaysia

Since 8 April 1993, Life Line Association Malaysia has been officially registered as a non- profit , non-religious and non-government organization. 

Dedicated to serve the community on the concept of "A life could influence another life", Life Line volunteers provide below services:

• Counselling Hotline: 03-42657995 , Email Counselling:, Face-to-Face Counselling,

• Educational programs, 

• Charitable activities, 

to assist people in exploring new hope in their lives. 

Our Commitment

Dedicated to serve the community on the concept of “Help is as close as the telephone”, over a thousand volunteers have been trained by LLAM to provide care and concern to those who lack of self-confidence, hope or love in life. Through free of charges telephone counselling, face to face counselling, social education, charitable activities, and so on, we assist them to explore new hope in their lives. Throughout the past 26 years, we have been attending to more than 25,000 counselling cases and supporting the community through their difficulties. 

Our Vision 

• To train more volunteers in order to provide 24 hours telephone counseling services;

• To build long-term partnerships with local and overseas’ agencies to promote social education and to build a harmonious society;

• To consistently strengthen and to achieve professionalism in volunteer training so that our volunteers can continue to offer excellent services to the community; and

• To employ full time professionals for the promotion of charitable works and to ensure all Life Line activities could meet the needs of people from different socioeconomic background so that more people can be benefited.

Spirit of “Seek for Help”

Life Line Association Malaysia strives to promote the spirit of "self-help " and " seek for help" when individual fail to cope. From the telephone counselling in the early stage, expansion to face to face and email counselling, until the play therapy for the children, we provide care and companion to those who "seek for help". 


Spirit of “Self- Help”

In addition, Life Line actively organizes talks, seminars, workshops, camps, social care and charity activities like blood donation drives, environment protection project and old folks visit to spread the knowledge of life education, in order to enhance the ability of "self- help" among the people. 

Nowadays, Life Line recruited around 200 volunteers and continuing the effort to prolong the counselling hours for building up a better mental health society. 

With the mission carried on, we do hope Life Line could get the support from public and government.  



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