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Humanity Hike supports the effort done by Adam, together with different NGOs in Malaysia to advocate for the rights and raise funds for disabled people in Malaysia.

Who’s Adam

“Adam, who is a paraplegic hiker from Malaysia. He got polio at a young age and became paralyzed from the waist down, but it never stopped him from living a normal life and pursuing his dreams.

He is a recent college graduate, a motivational speaker and is the first person in history to summit Mount Everest Base Camp without using legs. He crawled all the way up with his arms.”

Drew Binsky

Adam’s Goals is to “Show the world that our disability is not a limit for us to achieve our dream. At the same time, I want to contribute back to society that have supported my journey all this time.”

How can you participate?

To participate you’ll need to raised funds for an NGO. Each participant need to raise minimum RM750  in order to be able to Hike without any extra costs.

Who will you be supporting?

One of Adam’s main goal is to give back to the society, specially to the ones that fight similar challenges as him. When you Hike with Adam, you’re not just another hiker, but an advocate and fundraiser for Disability and Health. Adam will select an NGO in urgent need of funds and you help raise much needed funds.

What can you expect from NGOhub?

  • Hike with Adam free of charge

  • Support from NGOhub during all fundraising period. We will help you set up your fundraiser page and share with you advises, tips and a guide to help you raise funds online

  • Get to know the NGO your fundraising, their staff and their beneficiaries.

  • Join our Changemakers Community and have the opportunity to meet people that like you want to make a change. Donors, fundraisers, NGOs and Corporate that create an impact everyday.


Inspired? Would you like to join me for a Humanity Hike in the next months while supporting NGOs in Malaysia. Register here.

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