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Gibbon Conservation Society or GCS is a Malaysian NGO founded on 22nd February 2020. We were formerly known as the Gibbon Protection Society Malaysia (GPSM) and have been running since 2016.

Our main purpose is to support the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project or GReP. Through this project we rescue and rehabilitate gibbons who were victims of the illegal pet trade. Rehabilitation is not an easy process, most gibbons require at least 5-10 years of rehab, and depending on their age and history, each gibbon needs to learn and overcome different things, as many are left traumatised by their experiences as pets. Through personalised training, we help each individual move forward, relearn their natural behaviours and prepare them for life in the wild.

Our goal is to educate the public about the threats that gibbons face in Malaysia due to human activities, and the implications of gibbon extinction. Local people must be given opportunities to learn the importance of these apes to functioning ecosystems in Malaysia so that they will acknowledge and cherish the gibbons for what they are: Malaysia’s unforgettable singing apes and a crucial member of our ecosystem.

We support vital conservation research on primates and their habitats, and promote environmental education and awareness about the importance of primates within the Malaysian ecosystem. Most importantly, we aim to combat the growing illegal wildlife trade by assisting the local law enforcement agencies.

We are working to provide support to enforcement authorities such as local law enforcement, DWNP, Customs & Immigration Department and TRAFFIC by reporting, tracking and record keeping of wildlife offenders and confiscated primates

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