Association of The Network for the Needs of Children with Disabilities (Perak)


We are a registered organization formed by parents who have children with disabilities together with interested professionals and individuals. We were officially registered by the Registrar of Societies. Our main aims are: 1. To create and foster a co-operative networking of the various social agencies involved in meeting the needs of children with disabilities. 2. Promote continuous, effective planning to benefit the children with disabilities and their parents and carers. 3. Ensure the availability of a comprehensive pool of relevant resources for the use of all concerned parties. Some of our objectives are: 1. To raise the awareness of parents and the general public to the needs and rights of children with disabilities and to encourage the development of a better understanding of their needs and capabilities. 2. To liaise work with government and non-government organisation to secure better service for children with disabilities. 3. To set up a training resource for parents and others involved with children with disabilities. 4. To encourage appropriate methods of training and treatment. 5. To develop suitable early intervention, education and vocational programme to cater for the needs of children with disabilities.

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