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DFYA were founded in 1998 where a group of skateboarders first attempt to make a skate demo and music club.They wanted to run away from the drug scene which are at large in Klang Valley city. They were passionate about playing music and skateboard at the same time.

Few of them become Drug-Free and Straight Edge after listening to Minor Threat. Minor Threat is a band that promote a healthy lifestyle through music and playing skateboard. They don't smoke, drink and do drugs to have a good time.They drew an "X' in the back of their hands to show that they are committed.

The kids, they wanted to make a skate demo and gigs at their town eventually just do it without concern of the legalisation of the permit from the authority.They name their group United X Front.

In 2005, they register their group as a company after being raid in their event in 2004.They wanted to be a legal group without getting caught in organizing an event.

In 2010, they register as NGO as been advice by the government people. So far to date, they had been organizing more than 50 events and went to almost 250 schools in promoting the drug-free lifestyle and being known internationally for their effort. They had 250 register band members through the years and 10 of them are Straight Edge bands.

Nowadays they looking for more people to participate in their activities and become ambassadors in their area and scene like Post Rock, Hip-Hop, Grunge, Beatbox, Metalcore, Punk-Rock, Skate Punk, ska, Rap core and Hardcore.They knew through art, music and counter culture they could embrace teenagers in accepting the Straight Edge and Drug-Free culture.

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Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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