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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, hand sanitisers and face masks became a daily necessity for us. While we might be privileged enough to have sufficient supplies, many underserved communities do not have adequate access due to the logistical and financial barriers. The inaccessibility of healthcare supplies among underserved communities such as the urban poor and refugees causes a risk in COVID-19 outspread. We believe that no one should be left out in the equation, and everyone should have an equal chance of preventing COVID-19 outspread.

SERUM aims to provide hand sanitisers and face masks for 2,000 beneficiaries from underserved communities such as urban poor and refugees across Selangor. Every RM10 donated will allow us to provide 50ml of hand sanitiser and 5 face masks per beneficiary for the communities in need. Through forming a partnership with the supplier, the hand sanitisers and face masks are supplied at cost-price, maximising the impact and every single cent received by SERUM. SERUM also collaborates with NGOs and social enterprises on-the-ground to ensure each of the supplies is channeled to the communities that are truly in need. 

During April, we successfully provided 327 hand sanitisers for 287 families; 350 bottles of hand sanitisers and 3,250 face masks for 650 beneficiaries during May through collaborations with NGOs such as Tanma Foundation, Taylor's Community, Majlis Belia Malaysia, Kedai Jalanan UM, Malaysian Karen Organisation and Impact Malaysia. Still, there is an increasing demand from the NGOs and social enterprises in Malaysia as the communities they are serving are in need of these supplies, fearing that there would be an increase of COVID-19 outspread across the dense populations with inadequate access to healthcare supplies. 

Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us on this impact journey. We deeply thank every single one of you for your kind generosity and contribution.

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