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Interior Designer

About the Project

The project aims to restore an old derelict building that used to be the heart of the local Chinese community and repurpose it into PAWBF Centre where we will hold exhibitions, organise programmes and such. Our organisation is in need of a permanent space and this building is the perfect solution. With this project we get to 'kill two birds with one stone' as they say.

Event Planning
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Project Details

Project: Re-purpose & Restoration

Task Description


Design for exhibition spaces, (plan to adapt old building into the NGO's HQ with exhibition and event spaces)


Task Duration

2-4 weeks


  1. Discussion and understand needs
  2. Produce draft, review with team and revise as needed
  3. Get approval for the plan and finalize

Project Deliverables

We need help with Design for exhibition spaces

Impact Statement

Permanent space for the NGO and can save on rent every month

Our Available Resources

Volunteer working on building plan and contractor

About The NGO

PAWBF (Persatuan Alam & Warisan Bukit Fraser) bertujuan untuk memelihara alam dan warisan Bukit Fraser.

PAWBF (Fraser's Hill Nature & Heritage Society) sets out to preserve Fraser's Hill's nature and heritage.

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