About Us

NGOhub Initiative

NGOhub is an online and offline platform dedicated to enable, empower and serve NGOs. We champion effectiveness, transparency and sustainability, and we connect NGOs to information, resources, experts, volunteers and grants. Above all, we connect NGOs to each other, to inspire collaboration to solve society’s problems together.

NGOhub was founded in 2015 by SOLS 24/7, a humanitarian, non-profit organisation registered in Malaysia. On October 2020, NGOhub started operating as an independently registered organisation and the NGOhub online platform is managed by Impact Altruism Sdn Bhd.

NGOhub members can look forward to:

  • NGO profiling and verification
  • Crowdfunding of Social Projects
  • Volunteer positions
  • Volunteer feedback and testimonials
  • Small grant awards
  • Event listing
  • Project listing
  • ...and much more

Why Does NGOhub exist

The most neglected problems faced by society are not those engaged by corporations or governments, but by NGOs. However, for all their efforts, most NGOs struggle to achieve their missions. They lack proper support, finances, resources and recognition.

While corporations establish trade unions, form partnerships and hold conferences for building sustainable and effective organisations, NGOs struggle in isolation, heavily dependant on donations and fluctuating public interest. NGOhub exists because NGOs deserve recognition, acknowledgement and support for their good work. We aim to transform NGOs into impact-driven and sustainable organisations tackling problems collectively.

Find Trustworthy NGOs

We verify NGOs in Malaysia using a two-tier verification system, with the support of Registrar of Society of Malaysia to establish transparency & accountability in the nonprofit sector.

Our verified NGO database helps donors and volunteers make informed decisions about which charities and non-profit projects to support

Making it easy for donors to contribute to impact driven NGOs

Through our database of verified NGOs, we act as a central hub in Malaysia to channel donation, services and products to NGOs.

715 computers donated

46 libraries set up

More than RM 100,000 essential items donated

Connecting Changemakers to Social Causes

A platform where passionate volunteers finds dedicated social workers and their projects


volunteers on platform

An Academy to build sustainable NGOs

We engage experts to run workshops and trainings for NGOs teaching organisational and leadership skills.

NGOs have the same needs as any other organisations in upskilling their team and run projects more effectively, but usually do not have enough resources to send their team for training programs. NGOhub runs training workshops that are free for NGOs.

A collaborative platform to champion a common cause

We provide opportunities for NGOs working to solve the same social challenges to come together and collaborate.

We bring stakeholders (NGOs, government agencies, community leaders, corporate companies, etc) together by organising public forums and meet-up sessions so NGOs can strategize and unite their efforts.

NGOhub Team

56 NGOhub Team - The NGOHub team is made up of passionate members from a diverse background who are committed to changing the NGO and volunteering landscape in Malaysia.

Contact us

Address: A-22-12, Platinum Lake Condo PV13, Jalan Danau Saujana 1, Taman Danau Kota, 53300, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Email: info@ngohub.asia

Mobile: +60 182 224 247

NGOhub is managed by Impact Altruism Sdn Bhd (1386129-U)