The Story of Sweet Care Welfare Society

by Soon Kit

Founded and operated by Madam Thanam Krishnan, Sweet Care Welfare Society (SCWS) is a charitable organization that shelters underprivileged kids and adolescents. The home is nestled in the old residential cul-de-sac in Taman Bidara, Selayang. The front of the home is a community playground and the back lies adjacent to the busy Selayang-Kepong Highway.

Madam Thanam Krishnan shared her journey of serving the community over the years. Her aim is to help its residents to maximize their full potential so that they can eventually achieve an independent and fulfilled life. Currently, the home also provides support to single mothers who struggle to regain control of their life. According to her, the home is supporting more than 60 children, and a few of them are physically challenged.

"Most of our kids are abandoned. I want to ensure all my residents are fully taken of, from their food to basic needs. With so many kids under one roof, our single storey corner terrace house has to be extended, in order to put in sufficient bunk beds in each room for the children to sleep on. However, we regularly experience difficulties of insufficient financial contributions to support the operations of the home with quality services. We sincerely hope that more donors can show their little act that will ultimately inspire more members of society to get involved and contribute to the underprivileged." Mrs Thanam told us.

The highlight behind the story:

Lack of family support leaves a space in the life of these abandoned children. Kids without proper parental care are at a high risk of abuse, exploitation and neglect. They require protection, care and guidance. Social problems are relatively high among the stateless children or orphans as these groups are unaware of their own basic rights, social and economic needs. They are regularly exposed to the prominent psychological problems which include feelings of anger, shame, guilt, lack of confidence, etc. Without proper care and protection, consistent negligence and feelings of insecurity lead this vulnerable group to issues like child labour, and social or organized crimes in order to fight for their own survival. This may result in more abandoned children in the long run. The existence of welfare societies such as Sweet Care Home that absorb or adopt them are imperative in order to break this vicious social cycle. Empower them with all the necessary supports to ensure their human rights are protected with equal opportunities are provided like others.