Colorectal Cancer Screening Workshop

by Empowered The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia
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Colorectal cancer is not a death sentence, as high as 95% survival rate is seen if the cancer is detected earlier! In collaboration with the Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya State Health Department, Malaysia’s leading cancer advocacy society – EMPOWERED, The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia, is organizing a four days colorectal cancer screening workshop at Klinik Kesihatan Kuala Lumpur (KKKL) from 23rd April 2018 to 26th April 2018 (Monday to Thursday), from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm to provide free screening to the eligible public.


Colorectal Cancer, commonly referred to as Colon Cancer is now the most common cancer affecting men and second most common cancer in women in Malaysia. With underlying medical co-morbidities, family history, lifestyle and age as contributing risk factors, regular screening and early detection are some of the best ways to protect yourself from the disease.


The workshop is free of charge, targeting only Malaysian aged 50-70 years old and has a monthly household income of RM 3,000 or lower. Besides screening workshop, Yakult Food Truck will present for free sampling and fundraising activity. All the generated revenue will be fully channelled back to EMPOWERED to support the project implementation. 


Lucky draw is available for the eligible screened participants too! SAVE THE DATE and make it an event not to be missed!



8:00am - 1:00pm

About the NGO behind this event

Empowered The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia

EMPOWERED - The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia (Persatuan Advokasi Kanser Malaysia)'s mission is to save lives, prevent cancer and serve the poor who are afflicted with cancer in Malaysia. Cancer patients live in fear, in anger, in pain. They do not understand why this is happening. Medical terms are frustrating and everyone has a word of advice, an opinion. Poor patients cannot afford the anti-cancer tests and treatments, the extra money to get to the hospital. They can™t afford to stop working. They need hope and comforting. EMPOWERED was formed primarily to help and assure the poor that cancer is not a death sentence. In a nutshell, EMPOWERED brings cancer education, early detection screening programs and personalized support into the homes and communities of low income Malaysians.