Help the poor to change their fate, Let's fight Colorectal Cancer !

by Empowered The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia

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Colorectal cancer is the most common cancer affecting men and ranked the second for woman after breast cancer in Malaysia. About 1.2 million cases of colon cancer occurred on 2007 and estimated 63,000 people die from it. Early detection is crucial to increase the patient’s chances of complete recovery. Awareness level about colorectal cancer is low among the low-income community. EMPOWERED strives to increase the awareness of the under-privileged on colorectal cancer through customized colorectal cancer awareness workshops. Besides raising awareness, EMPOWERED is also on a mission to save lives by providing full support to those who need combat cancer.


Annual Signature Campaign- Colorectal Cancer Awareness, Screening & Treatment Project (CCASTP)

  1. Awareness Workshops
    Organize campaigns to raise awareness and educate the public about cancer.
  2. Screening Workshops
    Provide free testing kit for the public and kit tutorials.
  3. Patient Support Program
    Provide financial and emotional support as well as arranging transportations and medical checkups for patients.

    The overall project usually last for months and the cost varies phases by phases, especially the last phase depending on the pick-up rate of the cancer cases. RM5000 is insufficient to cover the overall project cost but it definitely can relieve some of the cost occurred in the screening phase. The estimation of the general breakdown of the cost is as follows (with the target to provide free colorectal cancer screening to the 200 eligible under-privileged public):
    Screening kit & Instructional Brochures: RM 5.00 x 200= RM 1,000.00
    Lab processing fees: RM20 x 200 = RM4,000.00
    Total cost = RM1,000.00 + RM 4,000.00 =RM 5,000.00


  1. Information about colorectal cancer will reach the doorsteps of nearly 10,000 Malaysians in the selected underprivileged community each year.
  2. Through effective media channels, news about this program and pertinent data about the effects of this disease on Malaysians will reach millions of Malaysians across the country.
  3. Numerous Malaysians lives within the selected community will be positively impacted as the individuals become better equipped to make important changes in their lifestyle.
  4. Selected high risk Malaysians in this targeted community will be screened for colorectal cancer and undergo curative medical intervention.  These individuals will be given a chance to successfully recover from a potentially fatal disease.
  5. Eligible individual who is detected with pre-cancerous polyps will be appropriately managed and placed in medical surveillance programs.

    Specific and measurable impacts from this charity drive:
    200 eligible under-privileged individuals are able to get screened and claim their basic right to fight against colorectal cancer. On top of that, they will get the chance to undergo subsequent treatments and monitoring from the collaborating hospitals with all the involving cost such as hospitalization cost, chemotherapy fees and operation fees covered by EMPOWERED shall they are diagnosed as cancer patients. Also, general public within the selected community area will be made aware of the importance of early cancer detection.

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About the NGO behind this Campaign

Empowered The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia

EMPOWERED - The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia (Persatuan Advokasi Kanser Malaysia)'s mission is to save lives, prevent cancer and serve the poor who are afflicted with cancer in Malaysia. Cancer patients live in fear, in anger, in pain. They do not understand why this is happening. Medical terms are frustrating and everyone has a word of advice, an opinion. Poor patients cannot afford the anti-cancer tests and treatments, the extra money to get to the hospital. They can™t afford to stop working. They need hope and comforting. EMPOWERED was formed primarily to help and assure the poor that cancer is not a death sentence. In a nutshell, EMPOWERED brings cancer education, early detection screening programs and personalized support into the homes and communities of low income Malaysians.

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