You can save people from CANCER, even if you can't run!

by Empowered The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia


Mr Tan's story: Mr. Tan, 57 years old was diagnosed with stage 2 colorectal cancer in 2011. The breaking of bad news by EMPOWERED staff was sudden and devastating to him. Like many, he never thought he would be a victim of cancer. Because of a screening program by EMPOWERED in Selayang, he was able to diagnose his colorectal cancer (which usually has no symptom in early stage) early, and get the timely treatment.

Now, Mr. Tan had regained his health, and a practitioner of healthy lifestyle: he started jogging 2 times a week right after his encounter with cancer, and had become extra careful with his diet. “EMPOWERED is my lucky star,” he said, and he is more than willing to share to the public how early detection for colorectal cancer saved and changed his life.

Life is priceless, however, did you know that the general public awareness towards cancer is still very low and cancer issues are normally equivalent as a taboo to be even discussed about. For instance, common cancer such as lung cancer actually records the highest cancer related mortality rate in the world and cigarette smoking remains a major risk whereas colorectal cancer is the most common cancer affecting men and ranked the second for woman after breast cancer in Malaysia. Despite the alarming statistics, smoking in Malaysia begins early, with a whopping 36.9% of children between ages 14 and 15 using e-cigarettes and vaping devices and over 75 % of the cancer cases are being diagnosed at late stages, leading to poor survival rates.

Early cancer detection is extremely crucial to increase the patient’s chances of complete recovery. In line with EMPOWERED’ objectives to save lives, prevent cancer and to eliminate suffering amongst the poor, we organize yearly mass cancer awareness and screening project and currently, we are supporting patients who have abnormal results on cancer screening. EMPOWERED covers all the cost for these patients in terms of transportation to the hospital, further treatments conducted in hospital, and eventually cancer treatment. This Patient Support Program operation will continue to carry on all year long and we have insufficient funds to cover all our patients.


In conjunction with the World Lung Cancer Month and in commemoration with the society’s 10th Anniversary, EMPOWERED - The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia is organizing Lung Cancer Awareness Charity Run 2018 on 11 November at Kepong Metropolitan Park (Taman Layang-layang). This event aims to raise public awareness towards lung cancer, raise fund for cancer project implementation and Patient Support Program (PSP).

Every single penny matters, all the generated fund will be channelled back to the NGO to help the cancer patients and to settle all the involving cost during the Patient Support Program such as chemotherapy fees, hospitalization fees and transportation fees. Understand that there are a lot of kind-hearted and passionate participants who wish to contribute but cannot make it to the run due to distance, time and other challenges; while participated runners run fervently for the good cause, non-runner can now also chip in in this crowd funding platform to help fundraised and make a life-changing difference among the needy.


From years 2010 up to 2018 this year, more than 2,000 eligible under-privileged individuals have been screened under our project and this year alone, we have screened for more than 200 eligible individuals and a total of 9 potentially cancerous cases are detected. These patients are then referred to hospital for further checkup and treatments and being accompanied all along the way by our trained student medical volunteers or EMPOWERED’s staff from the very beginning of their medical journey until they recover. Moral and emotional support are always there with them besides supporting them in terms of monetary to alleviate their psychological and financial burden.

How much it cost to save a person’s life?

The simple projection for 200 participants life saving cost is about RM40,000. Thus, the cost to detect cancer and save a person’s life per 200 screening subject = RM40,000/ 200 , which is RM 200. 

Only RM 200 is needed to plan and execute the cancer program in order to detect and save one’s life out of the 200 screening eligible subjects. RM 200 might just seem to be the cost of a meal for some well-off individual, but this amount is on the other hand, the life changing cost for the needy. While others can join and run for the good cause, we believe you could also assist to fundraise and contribute to this meaningful project. Any amount of the contribution is greatly welcomed.

Goal Breakdown

Goal 1 - Project Implementation Cost. Amount Needed: MYR10,000.00

Goal 2 - Transportation Fees. Amount Needed: MYR15,000.00

Goal 3 - Hospitalization fees. Amount Needed: MYR15,000.00

Do not let cancer to determine the ill fate, let’s fight together before it’s too late!

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Mr. Tan Chu Tea, 57 year-old, Stage II colorectal cancer

“I want to help others by telling them that, like me, they can have a second chance in life, If they proactively decide to go for colorectal cancer screening and receive proper treatment. I am so grateful that I am healthy again and I want all Malaysians to be cancer-free.”


Mdm. Yeoh Wei Ling, 58 year-old, Polyp (high-grade dysplasia)

“I am very grateful to EMPOWERED. People like us, who are not highly educated, would never know about the danger of having polyps and colorectal cancer without the efforts of EMPOWERED. I want to tell all Malaysian to join and support in EMPOWERED’s CCASTP as it is such a wholesome project.”

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About the Organization/Project behind this Campaign

Empowered The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia

EMPOWERED - The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia (Persatuan Advokasi Kanser Malaysia)'s mission is to save lives, prevent cancer and serve the poor who are afflicted with cancer in Malaysia. Cancer patients live in fear, in anger, in pain. They do not understand why this is happening. Medical terms are frustrating and everyone has a word of advice, an opinion. Poor patients cannot afford the anti-cancer tests and treatments, the extra money to get to the hospital. They can™t afford to stop working. They need hope and comforting. EMPOWERED was formed primarily to help and assure the poor that cancer is not a death sentence. In a nutshell, EMPOWERED brings cancer education, early detection screening programs and personalized support into the homes and communities of low income Malaysians.

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