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Raised of MYR 60,000.00 target.



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Our Pertubuhan Kesihatan dan Kebajikan Umum Malaysia (PKKUM) HIV Second Chance shelter home running a very critical situation where our regular funder unable to fund our shelter home the reason being said is this year they more focusing on very low-income countries outside of Malaysia. Pertubuhan Kesihatan dan Kebajikan Umum Malaysia (PPKUM) were shortlisted for the grant but unfortunately, we did not manage to secure the fund.   It is now mid-year of 2019, we already used our saving money to cover our expenses from January - June 2019. Now we are seeking for emergency financial support to who understands and willing to support HIV patient shelter home. 

The real situation in Malaysia regards to HIV shelter home were very regret to say that our Malaysia Government not supporting HIV shelter home. One of the reason given by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia (MOH) is that they only focusing on HIV prevention and not the shelter home. During the meeting with MOH collaboration with Malaysian Aids Council (MAC), they advised us to discuss with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and when we approached them pertaining on this matter, sadly they told us that HIV is not under their jurisdiction. 

At the time being our HIV Second Chance Shelter Home caters 15 resident. 7 are badly affected by the virus and in need of the personal caretaker for daily care and for emergency purposes i.e. hospital visit during an emergency. 

The urgency to get financial support because they are now 3 caretakers and we need to pay their salary and they are severely affected community living at our shelter home that needs more attention and care.


To make sure everything is running smoothly as usual and as before, we need to find a new donor to support our HIV work and the most important part is for our caretaker to continue doing their job on taking care of disabled HIV patient at the shelter home.

Provide services:

- Shelter home rental

- Utilities  (Electricity bills, water bills, Internet bills, etcetera)

- To commute HIV patient for their regular health checkup and during the emergency (transportation fee)

- Caretakers salary

Foods and beverages and other basic necessities such as :

  • Multivitamin
  • Rice, Cooking Oil, herbs and spices
  • Eggs
  • Cans food
  • Coffee, Tea, Milo 
  • Milk powder, condensed milk
  • Biscuits 
  • Sugar
  • Non Medical stuff (Floor cleaner, dish liquid, detergent, Clorox, mosquito repellent and spray and other insecticides spray)
  • Antiseptics (Dettol, disinfected spray)
  • Personal care product (diapers, women towel)
  • Personal Hygiene (Shower foam, soap, shampoo) 
  • Misc items (Broom, mop, garbage plastics, etc.)



It is our hope at PKKUM Second Chance HIV Shelter Home to get the financial support to caters the shelter home needs and we can take care of our severely HIV affected, homeless and other key population community from the first day their registered to our shelter home until their Rest in Peace.

It is our wish and best interest to ensure that all of our residents will not end up as homeless again.

Furthermore, it is our goal in line with the National Strategic Plan endings AIDS of which prevention is better than cure by ensuring that all of our  residents being taken care of without prejudice, stigma &  discrimination.

Goal Breakdown

Goal 1 - Renting & Utilities (RM3,000.00 & RM1100 X 6 Months). Amount Needed: MYRRM24,600.00

Goal 2 - Daily Consumption & Needs. Amount Needed: MYRRM6,240.00

Goal 3 - Salary (RM1,620.00 X 3pax X 6 Months). Amount Needed: MYRRM29,160.00

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MYR 100.00

Raised of MYR 60,000.00 target.








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MYR 100.00


About the Organization/Project behind this Campaign

Pertubuhan Kesihatan Dan Kebajikan Umum Malaysia (PKKUM)

To be a voice for the unheard, unknown and unrecognized, being a part of the community that is often marginalized and capitalized for many personal gains, spurned the need for a platform that is equal and just, without any prejudice and presumptions.

We not only represent this side of the fence that is often mistaken but also the opposite side that has been indoctrinated and saturated with ideologies that deny basic rights of any medium. PKKUM was born.

A brief highlight on what PPKUM stands for:

1. Provide assistance to the marginalized and underrepresented community

2. Organizing health programs and activities with the aim of creating a health conscious community.

3. A safe haven for the needy that is non discriminating and non-judgmental.

4. An avenue to propagate best practices and spread awareness on the need of self-care and preventive approaches.

5. A mediator between the governing body and the community to bridge the gap and advocate better liaisons within the target group.


We are purely community based organization led by community and inclusive to all those who fit the bill.

We run purely based on community needs. We also assist key affected populations who live without their identity to attain their NRIC (National Registration ID) and engage them to healthcare centers for health screening and treatment.

We have been also assisting those who are homeless to seek their identity with the National Registration Department and engage them with any available local shelter to live off the streets. When needed, we try to assist them in seeking employment to get them back on their feet.

We assist key affected population in seeking employment opportunities with companies that are accepting and non-discriminative.


As we are growing each day, but there are a few things that may help us in overcoming our daily struggles. Financial support has been the main obstacle. Among the necessities that would help us are:

Funding to hire a network coordinator who will be paid a monthly salary to help coordinate and manage the drop-in center.
Funding for groceries to provide food, drinks, and bathing essentials for the key population who drop by our drop-in center.
Funding for in-house medication supplies (paracetamol, Dettol, first aid supplies, etc…)
Funding for transportation allocation to help fetch and send key population from their living area to the hospital to seek treatment and for related medical concerns.
Funding to run in-house and outdoor sessions and activities to empower the community and reduce vulnerability.
Funding to assist community members who have passed away due to HIV and AIDS – to manage the funeral and transportation for the relevant cause.