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Everyone Can Run For and With People with Learning Disabilities!

by Dignity and Services


Date - 30 September 2018, Sunday
Time - 6.45am Warm Up / 7.00am 10km Flag Off / 7.15am 5km Flag Off
Venue - Central Park Avenue, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya (opposite 1Utama New Wing)
Race Kit Collection -
24th to 27th Sep, Mon to Thur, 11am to 8pm at BAKE WITH DIGNITY c/o DIGNITY & SERVICES

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This online fundraising campaign was created in conjunction with the Everyone Can Run 2018 Charity Run

"Social functions were lonely for me. In normal social setting, everyone talks to each other and they quickly form groups, and I did not know how to join these circles. Standing on the edge of the group and listening to the conversation is always my option. I imagined myself having "the mark of the outcast". Most education centers rejected me. D&S was the only center that accepted me, so I went there.

My life at D&S is always memorable one. Even though I often confused sometimes, the instructors still guide me passionately and patiently. Many concepts are hard to learn, but I never give up. I also work hard and do the assignments. When the tutors asked us to answer questions, I recited enthusiastically with the class.

At D&S, not only I progress significantly, but my efforts to meet people became more systematic. I attend classes and workshops arranged by D&S. Structured groups are simpler for me to learn than informal socializing. I like sitting in a group along with my peers and listening to the discussion. If I want to participate, it's helpful to learn that I will be called on. That solves my worry about timing and my feedback as they will not interrupt anyone. My social life is improving. I eat meals together with my seniors and sometimes plan programmes.

The journey of discovering my learning disabilities and the problems I had been struggling with are real. I have always feel different from eveyone else. Now I know why. I may be different in a special way, it is still possible to be open to the similarities between me and other people. "

This is a story from a person who attempts to succeed in his social life despite serious learning disabilities. 
D&S began its operation two decades ago as the founder, Peter Young had come across many people with learning disabilities. The sacrificial services and advocacy by D&S given in partnership with persons with learning disabilities and their families had chartered many successful stories. However, D&S often faces a number of challenges to maximize its impact as follows:

  • Difficulty in finding sufficient, appropriate and continuous funding for their work including accessing donors to ensure financial and projects sustainability.
  • Limited resource mobilization expertise and IT capacity in replicating projects to benefit the people with learning difficulties overt time.
  • Insufficient assets, labour and time to invest in community building and train more manpower to innovate existing solutions and programmes 



This fundraising campaign was created with the objective of bringing the diverse community members together in order to have fun and raise fund for the learning disabled.

The donation made to this campaign will be used to support:-

  • More persons with learning disabilities in enrolling themselves into the basic life skills and job skills training programmes. These programmes help break down the  barriers to employment that usually present challenges that many people with a learning disability find them impossible to overcome.
  • D&S to replicate their projects in order to create more available space for the learning disabled adults to learn and earn. Many learning disabled adults remain facing some real challenges in life despite some levels of support have been provided. D&S aims to ensure their projects can be implemented sustainably through the continuous team efforts from people around in order to ensure learning disabled adults can get the advice and support they need.


D&S continue to support its OPTIONS, a transitional programme that aims to prepare the individuals with basic skills for living a more independent life. The OPTIONS programme offers support for a maximum of 3 years after which the individuals are better prepared to face the life transitions with basic life skills.

2 past successful cases include:

  • OPTIONS 1 weekly programme which initially set up in 2006 has grown from strength to strength, and currently supports 20 individuals and families.
  • OPTIONS 2 was replicated in 2013. The second Supported Living Project, OPTIONS 2 allows D&S acquired no less than 8 interested families that are from low income groups

The fund raised that will be used to support the existing D&S training programme is as follows:

  • Space Rental Expenses - RM 10,000
  • General Administrative Expenses - RM 6,000
  • Event Materials or Other Overhead Costs- RM 4,000

If you are unable to participate in the fun run, you can still donate for this cause!


Goal Breakdown

Goal 1 - Manpower . Amount Needed: MYR10,000.00

Goal 2 - Programme Administrative Expenses. Amount Needed: MYR7,000.00

Goal 3 - Other Overhead Expenses . Amount Needed: MYR3,000.00

Donate to Empower People with Learning Disabilities!


Date - 30 September 2018, Sunday
Time - 6.45am Warm Up / 7.00am 10km Flag Off / 7.15am 5km Flag Off
Venue - Central Park Avenue, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya (opposite 1Utama New Wing)
Race Kit Collection -
24th to 27th Sep, Mon to Thur, 11am to 8pm at BAKE WITH DIGNITY c/o DIGNITY & SERVICES

Run Registration Link >>

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About the Organization/Project behind this Campaign

Dignity and Services

DNS is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization empowering people with learning disabilities that include autism, down syndrome, slow learner and any other form of delayed developmental disorder. DNS provides comprehensive and holistic support to enable these young adults/adults with learning disabilities to lead independent lives with economic empowerment.

Currently, DNS is involved directly in 2 Supported Living programs and 2 Social Enterprises – Bake With Dignity and One Two Juice, reaching 30 members and their families in 2 communities in Klang Valley.

With the Supported Living program, people with learning disabilities can enjoy a weekend overnight stay; learn basic life skills and social skills such as household chores, grocery shopping, taking public transport, making friends, having pets, care of personal hygiene & personal safety, express their feelings and making own choices.

In the Social Enterprises, Bake with Dignity and One Two Juice, we promote social inclusion for our beneficiaries, who are able to learn professional skills and earn a salary.

Our goal is to equip people with learning disabilities with the skills they need to be independent and feel part of the community.