"Caring Hearts, Cleaner Society" for I CAN Global Summit

by Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur

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The students from SMK Sanzac represented Malaysia and presented their project “CARING HEARTS, CLEANER SOCIETY” at the I CAN Children’s Global Summit 2019 in Rome, Italy from the 26th-30th November 2019. 

Now, they are fundraising to recuperate their travel expenses and to keep their project sustainable beyond 2019. Let's help them reach the target amount!



We are students of SMK Sanzac, Sabah.

This year, we led a social impact project in our school, “Caring Hearts, Cleaner Society”, as part of the I CAN SCHOOL CHALLENGE 2019.


The purpose of the challenge was to build a financially sustainable and scalable business model covering one of the 12 different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


We chose to tackle the problem of plastic pollution in our school community. Based on our research, there are 700 pieces of single-use plastic bottles generated in our school on average every day. These single-use plastics are not being recycled because recyclers refused to collect from us. They claim that there is no resale value since the amount collected is considered small and it is not economical for the recyclers to come all the way to collect from us. Eventually, the plastic waste will go to landfills and will take up to 1000 years to decompose. During our recent visit to the Kayu Madang Landfill, the worker told us that the landfill only has another two to three years before becoming full.


We addressed this problem by creating various-shaped dustbins, heart-shaped structures, sitting stools and sea turtle keychains made from single-use plastic bottles. We hope to inspire more students to use their own creativity to upcycle single-use plastic bottles that otherwise would have been thrown away. We hope they would realize how useful single-use plastic bottles really are, while at the same time, we can conserve natural resources and energy from producing new plastic products. This, in turn, can also help to keep the school surroundings cleaner. 



Out of 86 participating teams in the I CAN Challenge, we placed in the TOP 10 and were selected to represent Malaysia in the I CAN Children’s Global Summit 2019 in Rome, Italy.

Now, we need your help! We are fundraising for 5 members of our team and 1 chaperone teacher to travel to Rome. The summit will take place on the 26th-30th November 2019.


I CAN is a 4-day international gathering of more than 2,000 students from 60+ countries empowered with the I CAN mindset. It serves as a global platform to showcase their stories of change and the ways they have positively impacted their communities across the world.


The celebration is also packed with talks, workshops and exhibitions especially designed to further instill in children the belief and courage that they have the ability to take action and make the world a better place.



With your help, we will get the opportunity to present our project on a global stage!

We are looking forward to engage in 4 days of CommUNITY, Collaboration, Creative Solutions, Inspiration, and Impact!

Goal Breakdown

Goal 1 - Travel expenses for 5 students and 1 chaperone teacher. Amount Needed: MYR35,145.00

Goal 2 - . Amount Needed: MYR

Goal 3 - . Amount Needed: MYR

Contribute Now To Help Send Us To Rome!

MYR 0.00

Raised of MYR 35,145.00 target.








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